Dear friends!

Irina Berezhnaya

As a professional lawyer and politician, I’m convinced, that law has to be in service of common people. Therefore presented to Your attention site is to be a specific connecting link between lawmakers and society. With that end in view the site has a “direct line”, where You can put a question to me as People’s Deputy of Ukraine or as lawyer and get an efficient, qualified answer, furthermore You can ask me for advice or help.

You can unravel the tangles of Ukrainian legislation, learn how to protect your rights listening to the author’s programme “Your right with Iryna Berezhna”, broadcasted on every Thursday at 15:08 and rerun at 20:08 by radio station Era FM. On this webresource You will be able to hear the records of previous programmes, suggest themes for future programmes and ask Your questions.

Another aim of this webresource is informational. For only men knowing their right can stand for these rights. Section “News” will always keep You informed about the latest lawmaking activity, current political and economic events. Sections “Publication” and “Official position” will include author’s materials and comments concerning modern trends in Ukrainian legislation, current lawmaking activity, social processes and foreign policy of Ukraine. “Blog” section lets everyone share his or her opinion and give comments about the publications.

I very much hope, this site to be Your regular source of useful information, as it is created to set communication between You and us, and to be an efficient assistant in Your legal rights protection.

With best regards to everyone
Iryna Berezhna
People’s Deputy from Regions Party
Chairman of subcommittee for protection of rights, freedoms,interests of citizens and systematization, adaptation of Ukraine’s legislation to international legal standards in the area of justice and status of judges of Verkhovna Rada Committee of Ukraine