To the Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of foreign countries in Ukraine


Dear Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary! 


I take this opportunity to express to you my deep respect for your great contribution to the development of cooperation and assurance of sustainable, friendly relations between Ukraine and the European Union.

As a People's Deputy of Ukraine, First Deputy Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on European Integration, member of the Ukrainian Committee on Parliamentary Cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union, deputy member of the Permanent Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and as the leader of the group of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Interparliamentary Relations with the Swiss Confederation, for my part, I also put a lot of effort into deepening further cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union, including the integration of Ukraine into the European legal, political and economic space, thus demonstrating Ukraine's European choice.

I strongly believe that respect for democratic principles, human rights and fundamental freedoms as set out in the Final Act of the Helsinki Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe in 1975 and the Charter of Paris for a New Europe 1990, other documents on human rights, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN of 1948 and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 1950, as well as respect for the rule of law should form the basis of domestic and foreign policy of any state.

That is why I, as First Deputy Chairperson of the Committee for European Integration and a member of the Ukrainian part of the Committee on Parliamentary Cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union, did everything in order to see to it that the Association Agreement between Ukraine, on the one hand, and the European Union and its Member States, on the other, was signed. Unfortunately, due to the necessity of calculating the economic risks of implementing this Agreement, the preparation process for its signing was suspended. However, I strongly believe that the signing of the Association Agreement (and not just its political part) must happen soon, which will contribute to gradual economic integration and deepening of the political association between Ukraine and the EU and would be an important step closer on the path towards the next stage - EU accession.

Therefore, on 13 March 2013 with my vote, I supported the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine "On Confirmation of Ukraine's Course towards Integration with the European Union and the Priority Measures in this Direction," confirming the irreversibility of Ukraine's course towards European integration.

However, in contacting you, venerable Ambassadors, I am not able to fulfill my wish to confirm to you Ukraine's commitment to its European choice, but must express that great anxiety I have due to the events currently taking place in my country. Events that in a lawful state are unacceptable and that have nothing to do with the rule of law and respect for fundamental rights and freedoms. Events that occur on the pretext of the so-called democratic process, but that have nothing to do with the principles of democracy. Events, which to my surprise, have not received adequate censure and condemnation by the European institutions.

As a parliamentarian, who not only participates in legislative activities, but also monitors the implementation and observance of adopted legislation, I can state with all certainty that due to the recent political events that have taken place in Ukraine, utter lawlessness, selective permissiveness and complete impunity have emerged. And the legal nihilism that is currently taking place in the political and public life of the country is not possible to miss.

With the formation of the new so-called Democratic majority in parliament, the opposition forces immediately arrogated to themselves the powers of investigators, law enforcement and judicial authorities. Their first steps are evidence of their desire to replace court decisions with their own. You yourself have witnessed how in parliament decisions were approved that fall within the competence of the court, how with resolution by the Supreme Council of Ukraine dozens of criminals were set free. And this is unconstitutional and dangerous. I have a question - why isn't Europe responding to these unconstitutional actions?

Having obtained full powers under the pretext of striving for European rules and values ​​of government, the so-called Democratic majority actually started political persecution and conducts a policy of double standards that is shown on the one hand in the declaration of unconditional respect for the rule of law, on the other hand, in the gross violation of the letter of the law where the selfish motives are seen, particularly for the purpose of political reprisals against their opponents or just someone who has a different point of view and vision than theirs.

Does the international community that has so graciously applauded the revolutionary process in Ukraine not notice how newly appointed heads of law enforcement agencies carry out political orders by opening dozens of criminal proceedings against members of the Party of Regions? The Party, for which in 2012 more than 6.1 million voters voted. And just because they refuse to worship their ideology and to comply with the demands dictated to them, despite the numerous threats to their lives.

The opening of criminal proceedings against the head of the Kharkiv regional organization of the Party of Regions M. Dobkin, who until recently was chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Kharkiv Mayor H. Kernes, Luhansk regional council deputy from the Party of Regions A. Klinchayev is nothing other than an act of intimidation and pressure from the government on its political opponents.

While talking to you, dear Ambassadors, in particular at the meetings of the Committee on Parliamentary Cooperation between Ukraine and the EU, I have always stressed that the freedom of speech, freedom of expression of opinions and positions is a basic human right, and no one has the right to transgress them, by harassing dissenters. I am sure that you stand in solidarity with me that political revenge and settling of personal accounts using administrative resources are unacceptable in a modern democratic state.

So why, then, has the international community still not given an objective legal assessment of dozens of examples of such political persecution?

At the same time, along with numerous facts of the opening of criminal proceedings against members of the Party of Regions, the law enforcement agencies have not taken any investigative steps to look into hundreds of instances of violence committed in the homes of members of the Party of Regions, the burning of their offices, daily threats to their own lives and health and their friends and family.

No criminal investigations have been initiated and, in fact, no proceedings have been opened against the murder by Maidan extremists of two employees  of the central office of the Party of Regions in Kyiv and its subsequent arson. So, first extremists cold-bloodedly shot one employee at point-blank range and then threw the corpse into the building office and set fire to it. Another employee was intentionally locked in a burning building, and was in fact burned alive there. The women escaped from the burning building through a gauntlet set up by radicals who beat them with batons and mentally and physically abused them.   Another three employees of the Party of Regions, who were at the office at that time, have still not been found. Note, that all these actions were covered by slogans of the struggle for democracy and European integration.


Still unknown is the location of Chairman of the Volyn Regional State Administration O. Bashkalenko, who activists of the Right Sector (party), in violation of the law, demanded by force to write a resignation letter.   Radical extremists right on the central square of Lutsk beat him, subjected him to torture, and then continued the inhuman abuse right there at the scene, handcuffing him and pouring cold water on him. The radicals also threatened that if he refused to sign the letter, they would get his family, drag them to the scene and do the same to them. After a while he was released from handcuffs and handed over to representatives of the Right Sector, who took him to an unknown destination.

To date, Bashkalenko's location has not been established and it is unknown whether he is alive after he was handed over to extremists from the Right Sector. A month has passed already, and law enforcement agencies have not even opened criminal proceedings on the fact of torture and kidnapping. The new government is not only not trying to establish the truth, but doesn't intend to investigate crimes and bring the criminals to justice. 


Dear Ambassadors, are cases of human torture really possible in a civilized democratic society of a European country? Does art. 3 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms not imply that no one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment? Does art. 9 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights not imply that no one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile? Does it? Then I wonder why for a month you have not condemned these barbaric events that, unfortunately, have become common in my country.

With great concern I am forced to report that acts of violence have been committed in my private home. On 10 March of this year, 15 armed masked individuals from the Maidan "Self-Defense" force broke into my apartment and when they saw that I was not there they began to threaten my friends who were living there temporarily so that they would provide information about my location. Having received this information, they started torturing them and shut the children in the bathroom. After that they vandalized the entire apartment. My frightened friends called police immediately. However, when the police found out that the apartment belongs to me, and the violence was perpetrated by extremists from Self-Defense, they refused to take a report on the crime, explaining that they could have big problems if they defend representatives of the Party of Regions.

It turns out that if a person is a member of the Party of Regions or the Communist Party, then this person will not be protected in any way legally and the authorities who should defend law and order and monitor compliance with the law in such cases think it’s better to close their eyes to these unlawful acts.  

Protection of every individual from arbitrary interference in his/her ​​private and family life and unwarranted infringement on the inviolability of his/her home that are indicated in art. 12 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is unfortunately not guaranteed in my country.

These sorts of events have become commonplace in every town in Ukraine. For members of the political forces of the Party of Regions and the Communist Party of Ukraine daily surveillance is carried out to identify their place of residence and perpetrate physical violence on them.

On my phone, as well as the private phones of all my party members who did not leave the Party of Regions, dozens of messages are received every day that we are enemies of the people, and for that we are threatened with death. With the threat of murder, we are forced to write a statement of withdrawal from the Party of Regions.

The messages sent typically have the following content: "You have been declared an enemy of the Ukrainian people. Judgment: death penalty. We know you and we'll find you wherever you go. Amnesty is possible if you withdraw from PR "," Dear, you and your family will be shot ... ""We are already looking for you! You don't have much time left!"


These messages threatening me and my fellow faction colleagues would not have been possible to send if one prominent journalist from well-known Ukrainian media had not deliberately placed it on the Internet through his Facebook page. Unfortunately, no one from law enforcement agencies or representatives of the EU has yet responded to this criminal fact. What about the protection of personal data that is upheld by the European Commission?

These threats come not only to members of the Party of Regions, who are the People's Deputies of Ukraine, but also those who are deputies of the city and regional councils of this political force. Thus, the deputies of the Zhytomyr Oblast Council continue to get messages as follows: "Prepare to die Region member. You will soon die a martyr's death.." ( http://reporter.zt.ua/news/12817-v-zhytomyri-cherez-sms-pohrozhuiut-rozpravoiu-mistsevym-rehionalam )

The lack of response of law enforcement and government officials to these unprecedented facts that have become permanent, in my opinion, proves only one thing: the new government in Ukraine supports these actions and their inaction encourages and stimulates them. The feeling of permissiveness and impunity for those who provoke and engage in criminal activities results in an increase in such cases.

I assume that this is done with only one purpose: to demonstrate that this country is not the place for people who have their own point of view and defend it. Those who had so passionately emphasized compliance with the provisions of the Basic Law of Ukraine - the Constitution, now ignore it and forget that art.  34 of the Constitution guarantees everyone the right to freedom of opinion and speech, freedom of expression and belief.

The dictatorship of some radical representatives of the new government have even reached the point where the issue of prohibition of activities of the Party of Regions and the Communist Party of Ukraine is brought up.


However, representatives of the new so-called Democratic majority forget about the basic law of Ukraine, grossly neglecting and violating its provisions. In accordance with part 4 of art. 15 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the state guarantees freedom of political activity not prohibited by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

But in fact, the "witch hunt" begins. This opinion was expressed by the curator of the European human rights organization "Solidarity Movement" O. Mitts. He believes that today in Ukraine some forces have begun to actively fight against dissidents, and this is how the U.S. government dealt with the Communists in the 1950s. In terms of the law, including international, this is unacceptable! (www.glavcom.ua/news/193196)

Why when even European human rights activists see these issues and talk about them openly do officials of the European community remain silent?

Once the ideology of the far-right nationalists gained leverage in making decisions that will determine the future of Ukraine further, they immediately undertook to rewrite its past. So, just as the attack was carried out on the right of citizens of the eastern and southern regions to communicate in their native language, which for most residents, as you know, is Russian, they will also abolish the national holiday, which is a symbol of pride and glorious memory - the heroic victory in the Great Patriotic War of the Ukrainian people: of veterans to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren!

In particular, the newly appointed Minister of Culture of Ukraine Ye. Nyschuk prepared a draft law that in the near future must be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (it has already been approved by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council A. Parubiya) and submitted for review by the Ukrainian parliament. The present draft law will abolish national holidays such as the International Women's Day (8th of March) and Labour Day (1st of May). Along with them, Victory Day (9th of May), which is celebrated in Ukraine in memory of the victorious conclusion of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet people, will cease to be a national holiday. Instead of celebrating Victory Day, a day of mourning for the victims of the Soviet occupation is planned.


Surprising, as representatives of the nationalist forces have still not made a public holiday of the birthday of their leader Stepan Bandera, who was officially recognized by international institutions as a supporter of Hitler and Nazism! Perhaps only because the first of January in Ukraine is already a day off.

In connection with the above intentions of the new Ukrainian government, I have a question: in which European states has there been a total change of government that starts with rewriting history and undoing national holidays which are sacred to at least more than half the country's citizens?

Another story from the Ukrainian government is the draft law "On the preventive detention of a person(s)", which was registered in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The main purpose of the draft law is to give authorities more punitive reasons and authority to arrest and detain so-called "enemies of the nation", but in reality - political opponents, for six months without a court order! And without complying with European procedures. In a memorandum deputy-authors complain about the current Criminal Procedure Code, which, in their opinion, provides insufficient grounds for the arrest and detention of any person. I recall that the new Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine, adopted in 2012, passed several examinations of the European institutions and in it the recommendations of the Council of Europe and the Venice Commission were taken into consideration and its decision was approvingly noted in the Resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.


Instead, according to the aforementioned draft law, the new Ukrainian government, contrary to the Criminal Procedure Code, provides for the detention of individuals up to 6 months without a court judgment, only on suspicion of the following: "commission of crimes against national security, public safety and public order, against the authority of state agencies, local governments and NGOs and other crimes that undermine the integrity and sovereignty of the state."

This draft law is extremely dangerous and dictatorial in essence, because, if it is approved, it will provide law enforcement agencies the right to an unprecedented settling of political accounts with dissidents and dissenters of government policy, citizens by detention under completely false pretenses, and that is a flagrant violation of an individual's constitutional rights, and the Convention of the Council of Europe for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

( http://nihilist.li/2014/03/19/v-bat-kivshhini-hochut-zakrivati-vorogiv-natsiyi-na-pivroku-bez-sudu-i-slidstva/ )

I strongly believe that if the new Ukrainian government declares its commitment to European values ​​and is sincerely committed to the introduction of democracy in the country, it must strictly comply with the procedures laid down in the EU! Thus, this draft law must first pass the expert evaluation of the Venice Commission and only with the receipt of a positive conclusion could it be introduced to the Ukrainian Parliament for examination. But for some reason, none of the new government's draft laws have yet been sent to the Venice Commission for study.

 But the most alarming is the fact that in these revolutionary conditions in the country it is essentially not the new government that is running things, the actions of which can be subjected to control and given proper assessment but radical right-center formations, practicing fascist and neo-Nazi ideology and every time making new ultimatums to meet their dictatorial demands and threatening physical violence. By their actions these illegal military groups have put fear into Ukrainian society.

This primarily concerns the far-right radical formation "Right Sector." Hundreds of reports come to me from all over Ukraine that representatives of this group, having a firearm under the pretext of "the needs of the revolution," demand so-called "sponsorship" in the form of cash and valuables from officials of state agencies, local governments, businesses and ordinary citizens. If their demands aren't met, the legal representatives of the Right Sector threaten physical harm, and if their demands are met - they promise not to bother them for some time.

These armed thugs that are afraid to show their faces claim to be upholding justice in cities and regions across the country. According to them, in these revolutionary conditions, only those who have guns are recognized as having that right.

Thus, on  March 5th armed fighters, who presented themselves as members of the "Right Sector" movement, broke into the session hall of the local Council in Vasilkiv (Kiev region) and, at gunpoint, demanded that the Party of Regions deputies write a statement declaring their withdrawal from the fraction. Also, one of their representatives said that the composition of the Board would be reviewed and it would include "deserving people."


The actions of one of the former leaders of the "Right Sector" Olexandr Muzychko (better known as Sasha Bilyy), who was recently killed during his arrest by the officers of the interior affairs, has gotten an international response. According to the information website of "Right Sector" he was the coordinator of its structures throughout Western Ukraine. (http://pravyysektor.info/organization/)

Thus, known for his anti-Semitic speeches, Russophobia and many extremist actions O. Muzychko on 25 February, along with his "Kalashnikov" rifle, came to the meeting of the Rivne Regional Council and openly showed it to the deputies of the self-governing body and "convinced" all of them that no one dares to forbid him from carrying a rifle, gun and knives. "I just let someone try to take my weapon away from me ... You didn't give it to us and you won't take it away from us..." - said O. Musychko in the video, the link to which I am attaching.   (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpVXi3kPbAs)

According to him "Strength is the one who holds a rifle in his hands." These are the laws that are respected today in Ukraine, which is unacceptable for a civilized society. However, the new government does nothing to restore order and peace in the country.

Another equally resonant case got no condemnation from representatives of the Ukrainian government and from law enforcement agencies when the same O. Muzychko along with his supporters from the Right Sector, again armed with a "Kalashnikov" rifle, beat the prosecutor of the Rivne district and threatened to wrap a rope around his neck and drag him around the city.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzmSJLAr0XM)

Dear Ambassadors, are you aware of these facts? If so, why do you not call on the new Ukrainian government to put an end to this outrage and the criminals who carry it out? Why don't the Ministry of Internal Affairs, or any of the European officials, who call for dialogue and compromise, require the radical militants to disarm?

I recall that on 17 March in an interview with one of the Ukrainian TV channels, the leader of the Right Sector D. Yarosh declared that his fighters are not going to disarm, are not going to go to the newly formed National Guard and, in fact, consultations are currently ongoing with the new government on further official cooperation of the radical association with security forces. According to him, the Right Sector has about 10 thousand people (unofficially 20 thousand) throughout Ukraine. The exact number of weapons that they have on hand, even he does not know. However, Yarosh said that people who took up arms during the revolution would not surrender them.


I have serious doubts about the ability of the new Ukrainian government to respond appropriately to the actions of these radical paramilitary groups. The same O. Muzychko, once again burst into the meeting of the Regional Council with a Kalashnikov rifle officially saying to the camera: "I will destroy Avakov (the Interior Minister) and hang him like a dog by his feet».


It’s no wonder that after such statements the leader of "the right sector" in Rivne region R. Koval publicly accused the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arseniy Avakov in the murder of O. Muzychko and stated that the "Right sector" will take revenge to Avakov for the death of their congener. In response to, Avakov confined himself only with one statement of acceptance of this call.


Are there possible in a civilized country cases where the leaders of gangs publicly threaten the heads of law enforcement agencies, and those in their turn confine with only a statement of acceptance of the threats and do not take any actions on bringing radical extremists to the statutory liability?

By its inaction to these statements and actions the government demonstrates its loyalty to these extremist groups. A lack of response to these facts is a crime against the Ukrainian people.

Even opposition politicians, including the people's deputy of the All-Ukrainian "Fatherland" fraction H. Moskal, began to publicly criticize the new government for the lack of any response to these actions.


Here are some examples of events that have occurred in recent weeks in Ukraine.

So, on 2 March there was the murder of three employees of the State Automobile Inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the city of Kyiv. Criminals with firearms shot at point-blank range inspectors of the State Patrol service during the execution of their duties.

Despite the fact that the perpetrators were found and arrested, at the personal instructions of Interior Minister A. Avakov they were released as "Heroes of Maidan". And on 5 March the newly appointed Attorney General of Ukraine O. Mahnitskyy in an interview admitted it, saying that the people who committed the murder were related to Maidan.


It was only after tremendous opposition by the public and ordinary law enforcement officials regarding the inaction of Interior Minister Avakov that he was forced to detain the killers, but still not all of them! Yes, on 21 March Avakov reported on the detention of only two of the three assassins. In this case, he again acknowledged that the killers had been in the square the whole time.

On the night of 13 March and armed attack was carried out on the Ukrainian Business Bank in the city of Kiev. Thirty eight robbers armed with guns, batons and knives broke into the premises of the bank. They disarmed the guard and using angle grinders entered the room where a large sum of money is kept and started to make off with it. The disarmed guard managed to call the police. However, after the police had arrested these criminals and it was found that they are related to the same "Maidan Self-Defense Force," they just let them go with their weapons.


Officially, according to the MIA in the city of Kiev "there is still no evidence that they broke into the bank, broke into the room and made a mess out of it." And this despite the fact that the criminals were arrested at the scene of the crime.

It turns out that this radical group falls under the personal protection of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the Secretary of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine and therefore no actions can be taken to hold them responsible for this.

Dear Ambassadors, isn't it obvious that there is a double standard here? Is this possible in your country?

Dual interpretation of the fact that, in some cases, there is a violation of the law and who should be held responsible for its commission, there is evidence of selective justice, which, for reasons unknown to me, is not mentioned by the European community in its resolutions on Ukraine.

Another incident occurred on March 14th in one of the main streets of the city of Kiev (Leo Tolstoy, 23/1), when members of the Right Sector in camouflage uniforms and masks on the street had a firefight with the inhabitants of the house, as a result of which one of the victims ended up with a fractured skull and is still in a hospital intensive care unit. After the firefight the members of Right Sector hid in the basement of the building.

However, after the "Maidan Self-Defense Force" appeared (a radical center-right formation), headed by the current head Administration of the President of Ukraine S. Pashynskyy, youths from the Right Sector freely came out of the basement and with their weapons and accompanied by Pashynskyy left the place where the crime was committed for parts unknown. In this case, the police did not respond at all and did not try to detain the criminals, and one employee said: "the fact of the actions is recorded, investigative actions are being carried out and it is under review." (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPmye2iLyd0)

In response to the aghast journalists who witnessed this and asked where S. Pashynskyy was taking these criminals and what he would do with them, S. Pashynskyy answered that "they will defend the fatherland" and that "the National Guard really needs their abilities." Perhaps he means the ability to intimidate, rob and kill dissenters.

S. Pashynskyy remembered other illegal actions, which in a state of law would have been given an appropriate assessment long ago in accordance with the letter of the law. Then on  February 18th  a car that tried to leave Maidan square was detailed by a local citizen of Ukraine. Found in the trunk was a sniper rifle with a silencer, which they wanted to quickly take away from Maidan square.  However, as soon as the car was stopped S. Pashynskyy appeared and ordered unknown masked persons who had come with him to go into the car and take out the sniper rifle from the crime scene, which may have been used to shoot Ukrainians. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl6RUgAMaiA)

I have questions and at the same time I'm outraged about why to this point law enforcement agencies have not responded, who did the sniper rifle belong to and what relationship to it is the Head of the Administration of the incumbent President of Ukraine?   Why have criminal proceedings not yet been opened? Has a forensic ballistic examination been performed? If so, where are the results? Is there a chance that people were killed with it first on Hrushevskyy street and then on Instytutskiy street?

While the police deliberately ignored the case, journalists have begun to conduct their own investigations. I am sure that sooner or later the truth will be known to the public. (http://from-ua.com/politics/45075bd6edb54.html)

And I ask you, venerable Ambassadors, to demand that an investigation be conducted immediately into this fact and that it be determined what relationship S.   Pashynskyy has to the sniper rifle, and also to publicly condemn the illegality of his actions.

After the bloodshed in the country, the European community is obliged to demand answers to these questions. But the new government and the EU for some reason remain silent. Moreover, when the head of the Presidential Administration encourages and covers up for criminals, this already says something about the government's state policy.

Why isn't an answer provided in response to the question of on what legal grounds does the radical group, consisting of a dozen armed masked persons daily, starting from February 20, stand not only at the entrance to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, threatening people's deputies from the Party of Regions and the Communist Party with physical violence, demanding they leave the faction or fold their mandates, but also on the very sidelines of a regime site?


Thus, on one of these days People's Deputy, People's Artist of Ukraine, laureate of many international awards Yan Tabachnik was beaten right on the doorstep of Parliament. The man who will soon turn 70, had enormous stress – both emotional and moral. After that incident, he was forced to resign from the Party of Regions, because it was a real threat to his life and the lives of his family.


I have a logical question as to why there is no law enforcement reaction to what these radical extremists are doing? Why in these cases have criminal proceedings yet to be opened, and none of the guilty parties detained?

I very much beg you to ask the same question of the new Ukrainian government and heads of law enforcement authorities appointed by it.

It also concerns me that under the pretext of the so-called fight against corruption, people in masks representing members of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, which is headed by activist T. Chornovol, seized state institutions and the private property of citizens of Ukraine.
Thus, on  March 18th youths in masks, carrying a firearm, knifes and axes broke into the premises of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection and began to make off with documents and money. Terrified staff, who at the time were in the room, tried to leave the building and were captured and not released until journalists and police officers showed up. At the request of the police the men in masks were not presented, they did not indicate for what purpose they came, they only repeatedly stressed that they are from the anti-corruption bureau and were sent by T. Chornovol. It should also be noted that along with these people in masks and with guns from the anti-corruption bureau in the inspection room was also the Maidan activist A. Dzynzya. (http://tsn.ua/kyiv/u-kiyevi-ozbroyeni-sokirami-ta-nozhami-molodiki-vlashtuvali-pogrom-u-primischennyi-derzharhbudinspekciyi-340553.html).

Also, a group of armed youths from the anti-corruption bureau of T. Chornovol, who look like an ordinary criminal group, captured and looted a private helicopter known since the days of the Orange Revolution belonging to politician E. Chervonenko, who provided it free to physicians to quickly rescue patients.
Again, no criminal proceedings have been opened for this incident and no investigations have been carried out.  i
As it turns out, rather than fighting the corrupt and raiders, the so-called anti-corruption bureau, headed by T. Chornovol, actually engaged enthusiastically in seizing objects of private property without any legal grounds or relevant decisions of courts. I also draw your attention to the fact that so far no public report has been issued on the activities authorized by the anti-corruption activist T. Chornovol.

Why is Europe silent about these shameful attacks on public institutions and private property facilities? Is the protection and security of private property, as well as strict adherence to statutory procedures, not one of Europe's most important principles that Ukraine undertook obligations to comply with?
Dear Ambassadors, do not you think that all these events that are actively underway in Ukraine and the anxiety that they bring to society, began to occur en masse with the onset of the revolutionary chaos in the country, the main driving force of which was the extremist "Right Sector." During the revolutionary events in January and February of this year, activists from Maidan's Self-Defense Force and the Right Sector extensively looted military and police depots of arms, which have since remained with these fighters from Maidan.
 Today the radical organization "Right Sector", which now has become a political party, has received the complete indulgence of the new government for its crimes in Ukraine. 

All that is happening now in Ukraine recalls the events that are brilliantly described in the works "The White Guard" and "Dog's Heart" of the Ukrainian writer of world distinction M. Bulgakov - post-revolutionary riots, looting, rampant banditry, the pursuit of power and full legal anarchy. Sadly, I must admit that Ukraine as actually turned into the 1920s.

It has to be admitted that to some extent the entry of the ultra neo-Nazi party "Svoboda" into the Ukrainian parliament served as a prerequisite to these events.  People's deputies from "Svoboda," having tasted absolute power, permissiveness and impunity, by their example show that the law does not apply to them and their followers.    Or, is it no coincidence that the newly appointed Attorney General of Ukraine O. Mahnitskyy, who must oversee compliance with laws and prosecute individuals who violate them, was until recently a people's deputy of Ukraine from the very same party "Svoboda"?

By the way, it appears very strange that the new government that declares support for European integration has not yet introduced to the Ukrainian parliament a new version of the Law "On the Prosecutor's Office", which will deprive the prosecutor's office of the Soviet function of "general supervision, the adoption of which is a requirement of the EU for signing an Association Agreement with Ukraine.  The new Ukrainian government has not even developed it. Why is the European Union silent about this demand?

Do you not think that members of the party "Svoboda" hiding behind their mandates as people's deputies have introduced an ideological dictatorship and crossed all the limits of tolerance, and so should immediately be condemned by the European Community?

Thus, on 19 March people's deputies of the neo-Nazi party headed by I. Miroshnichenko, A. Illyenko and B. Benyuk, burst into the office of the President of the National Television Company of Ukraine O. Panteleymonov, and began to use physical force against him with the demand that he resign. When he refused, people's deputy I. Miroshnichenko forced him in a chair, and with insults, foul language and blows forced him to write his resignation anyway.


The above video was shot by the press secretary of the Kiev branch of this fascist party. As soon as this case became public, the video was immediately removed from the press secretary's account.

However, the most interesting part is the reaction of the Attorney General, who has not even opened criminal proceedings in the case, and instead said he would conduct an investigation into the information policy of the television company.

Dear Ambassadors, what about the guarantee of freedom of speech? In which European countries does the Attorney General concern himself with the editorial policy of a television channel? How much longer will EU officials remain silent about these events?

Lawlessness and physical assault are the methods that guide the members of "Svoboda" in reaching their goals of neo-Nazi dictatorship. That justice that they practice on a daily basis at their own discretion, contrary to all established legal norms and principles, raises questions about the future of Ukraine as a legal state.

So-called revolutionary tribunals are created that make decisions regarding lustration of all officers who have less relevance to the Party of Regions, despite their professional skills and expertise.

Representatives of such tribunals come to the homes of citizens to give them the decisions made, voicing their demands and naming the day they are to be carried out. With failure to comply with the demands by the stated period, representatives of the tribunal threaten that they would be forced to operate under the strict law of the Ukrainian National Revolution, where each dissenter will have to be able to be verified. However, these tribunals, according to their representatives, operate not under the law but under revolutionary expediency. "If the laws cannot keep up with the revolution, we must go before them" - says the "people's jury." (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAcIFK74zYc&sns=em)

In their opinion, only the ultra-right ideology they profess and actively impose on society has the right to exist, and all dissenters must either submit to it or "cleanse" the country.

Evidence of this are the heartbreaking calls one of the most radical people's deputies of "Svoboda" Yu. Myhalchyshyn who during one of his regular appearances in Lviv called on the Bandera army to cross the Dnieper, go to Donetsk and throw out everyone who disagrees with Ukraine. With the slogan "East and West together" he turns to the Lviv community to look for enemies in the streets, including not only Russians, but also residents of eastern Ukraine.   (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qblzhOLgR6M&sns=em)

I, as a people's deputy, who was elected from the city of Kharkov, cannot ignore this problem. This is a real threat to the lives of residents of eastern Ukraine. Residents of Kharkiv and all the eastern regions of Ukraine are scared of the declared intentions of the neo-Nazis.
Moreover, on 15 March during a rally in Kharkov there was a conflict with fighters of the "Right Sector", during which firearms were used, including several dozen Kalashnikov assault rifles, sniper rifles, stun grenades and frag grenades. As a result of the conflict two people were killed, including one policeman, and another five were injured. After the arrest, in a sad tradition, the fighters of the Right Sector were released by the police with their weapons.

In addition, these nationalists also actively carry out targeted Russophobia against the youth, thus preparing an ideological army. There are cases when a large crowd of school children are led in repeating chants such as "one language, one nation, one fatherland", "Russians get out", "He who doesn't jump is a Russian."


Another equally radical representative of this political force in the Ukrainian parliament is I. Farion who, directly from the central rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada in his speech urged that all members of the Party of Regions and the Communist Party "be shot."
Could you allow this kind of expression from someone representing your country during a speech in the European Parliament? Is such "advice" from the rostrum of the country's highest legislative body by a representative of the parliamentary party at all permissible?

Also seen with the arrival of this ultra-right radical Party is the rapid spread of xenophobia and anti-Semitism in society, which cannot but cause concern to the vast majority of residents of a multinational country.
Every day in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine you can see more houses painted with the slogans "Die Jew", "No government of Jews" and Nazi swastikas and other anti-Semitic graffiti and extremist content.

I would like to mention an event that took place on 1 January 2014. In honor of the birthday of the leader of the Ukrainian nationalists S. Bandera, members of "Svoboda" organized the infamous neo-Nazi torchlight march in the center of Kiev and the march was accompanied by slogans unacceptable in modern Europe, the insane spreading of torches and the brutal arson of a hotel.


I believe that with such actions "Svoboda" has succeeded in discrediting their "European ideas" as such, because those activities have nothing to do with European values! I hope that Ukraine's European partners have made the right conclusions about this political party and its "commitment" to Ukraine's European integration that they proclaim everywhere.
At the same time, the absence of proper public condemnation of this torchlight march of the radical nationalists and the infamous arson of one of the capital's finest hotels, where many Europeans stay, from officials of the European powers is still strange and incomprehensible to me. Why haven't there been any statements from the European public about this? 
Also, the incidents of attacks on Jews are becoming more frequent. Thus, on the evening on 13 March in Kiev the head of the "Hatsala Ukraine" organization Rabbi Hilelya Cohen was attacked. Two unknown subjects jumped him in a dark alley on the way to the hospital. Cohen was beaten with sticks, wounded with a knife, called a "Jew" and other swear words. After the attack the attackers disappeared into a car. (http://glagol.in.ua/2014/03/14/v-kieve-zhestoko-izbili-ravvina-gilelya-koena-nazyivaya-ego-zhidom)

The next day in Kiev there was another anti-Semitic attack   and the victims were a Jewish couple who were rescued at the last minute by a taxi driver. Yes, a Jewish married couple who went to a Kiev synagogue in Podil were surrounded by aggressive, armed youths. At the last moment the husband and wife had to jump in a taxi after which the attackers rushed forward and hit the car with bats and threw rocks at it.   (http://www.regnum.ru/news/fd-abroad/1778707.html)
These incidents were not the first as a series of similar cases took place in Kiev in recent years. So, on  January 17th, a 30-year-old Jew Dov Ber-Hlykman was badly injured in the city. Attackers ambushed him when he was leaving a synagogue, and beat and inflicted multiple stab wounds on his legs, and then disappeared from the scene. A few days earlier in Kyiv a teacher from Israel, who teaches at a Jewish school, was attacked.
On 18 January, several Jewish representatives caught a young man near a synagogue who was following its visitors. Found on him were notes of when and on which streets worshipers go home.  

In addition, in the midst of events on Kyiv square, cases of attacks on Jewish sites have been reported in various cities. So, on the night of  February 28th, unknown vandals painted a swastika and anti-Semitic slogans on the walls of the Ner Tamid Synagogue in Simferopol. A few days before, a synagogue in Zaporizhzhya was attacked by unknown vandals who threw "Molotov cocktails."    (http://www.newsru.com/world/14mar2014/gilel.html)
It is therefore not surprising that the leaders of the anti-Semitic party "Svoboda" O. Tyagnybok and his colleague I. Miroshnichenko shared fifth place in the international ranking of the main anti-Semites of 2012, compiled by the Simon Wiesenthal Center - Global Jewish Organization Confronting Anti-Semitism.
The report, inter alia, states: "Tyagnibok, who gained 12% of votes in the recent elections to the Verkhovna Rada (41 mandates), called for the removal of about 400,000 Jews and members of other minorities living in Ukraine, and demanded the release of Ukraine by the so-called "Russian - Jewish mafia."


Ukrainian realities, characterized by the rapid spread of nationalism and neo-Nazism, are of deep concern as to the member of the Knesset from the HADASH party Afo Ahbariya. It is unclear to him how one can give legitimacy to nationalist groups, Bandera followers, well remembering who these are. In particular, the MP said: "How can you allow them to seize power and impose repression? These are really racists and fascists. Anti-Semitism is a type of racism. In fact, Bandera followers participated in what happened to the Jews of Europe during the war. Their fascist sign, a cross, resembling a swastika, was recently painted on a synagogue and on Jewish graves ...„ Recently, after a meeting of the Israeli parliament dedicated to the fight against racism, the deputy added: "I want people to not forget with whom they are dealing, and remember who saved Jews from these same people ...".

Being committed to the close and lasting relationships that have developed between our countries and the common values ​​on which they are based, including respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the rights of persons belonging to national minorities to non-discrimination, respect for diversity and human dignity, I cannot stand by and quietly watch what we in Ukraine are increasingly faced with by the display of Nazi sentiments.

And the absence of public condemnation by officials from the European countries and the governments of these attitudes is strange and incomprehensible to me.

May the political force, which by its ideology carries anti-Semitic and xenophobic attitudes to civil society, qualify for a European future in which the principle of equality of rights and freedoms regardless of nationality, religion, social status - is one of the key principles? I don't think so! I believe that the European community is in solidarity with me in this regard.

Especially when you consider that in its resolution of 13 December 2012 (No. 2012/2889 (RSP)) The European Parliament called on the leaders of democratic parties to limit cooperation with the neo-Nazi party "Svoboda". (http://www.europarl.europa.eu/sides/getDoc.do?type=TA&language=EN&reference=P7-TA-2012-507)

In particular, paragraph 8 of the Resolution reads as follows: "(The European Parliament) concerned about the growth of nationalist sentiment in Ukraine, expressed in support of the party "Svoboda", which as a result is one of two new parties that went to the Verkhovna Rada, (European Parliament), reminds everyone that racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic views are contrary to the fundamental values and principles of the EU, and thus calls for pro-democratic parties in the Verkhovna Rada to not cooperate, support and form a coalition with this party. "

Another example, which I want to draw attention to is this letter from New York Representatives Hakeem Jeffries and Yvette Clarke, who asked the Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Alexander Motsyk and leaders of opposition political forces to refuse to cooperate with the party "Svoboda". In the letter the lawmakers warned of the increased danger of strengthening nationalist sentiment in Ukrainian society, carried by a party "Svoboda", "the ideology of which is close to neo-Nazis." (http://izrus.co.il/dvuhstoronka/article/2013-12-17/23043.html)

Yvette Clarke particularly emphasized that one cannot ignore the political position of the party "Svoboda" as "spreading its ideology threatens Ukraine's relations with the EU, undermining the country's image in the world." (http://www.antifashyst.org/?p=1867)

Notably, these same extremist groups, such as the Right Sector, speak out against the European future of Ukraine in repeated statements by their leaders.    For example, D. Yarosh in his interview clearly stated that the "Right Sector" opposes joining the European Union. According to the leader of the "Right Sector," it will allow Ukraine to remain a subject of international relations and not a "subject of geopolitics."


Therefore, dear Ambassadors, I appeal to you to stand up for the protection of a European future for Ukraine, for protection of the genuine principles of democracy, freedom of expression, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms!

The need for such protection is dictated by the extreme intensification in Ukraine of right-wing neo-Nazi forces whose arsenal of the work includes burning houses and party offices, threatening physical harm to members of the Party of Regions and their families.

Frankly, in these conditions, with great concern, I send you this letter. As of today, no one can guarantee the protection and safety of me, my daughter and my family. I do not know who to turn to for protection from the armed radical activists of Maidan, if after sending this email the threats intensify.

Therefore I urge you, venerable Ambassadors, to give the corresponding assessment of such manifestations of radicalism and intolerance in Ukraine, so that the violence that every day is becoming more common will not result in the irreparable - the revival of Nazism in central Europe.

In this situation, your silence means public support for the events taking place in Ukraine during this difficult time. But this is contrary to all European principles!

I have high expectations for your support and hope that you will not remain aloof to the problems that my country and the entire Ukrainian nation is going through at this difficult time.

I hope for your support and understanding.

You can contact me by email:



With great respect to you,

Iryna Berezhna 

People's Deputy of Ukraine 

First Deputy Head of the Committee for European Integration,

Member of the Ukrainian Committee

for Parliamentary Cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union

Deputy Member of the Permanent Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

Head of the parliamentary group of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Interparliamentary Relations with the Swiss Confederation